Cats in Cars Getting Coffee

Toni Crowe
4 min readMar 8, 2019
Image Source-Pixabay

Don’t take car trips with cats if you don’t like cats.

Getting Coffee

After eight hours on the road, it was time to switch again. I would take over driving; my spouse would rest. I needed a cup of coffee as we started traveling at the butt crack of dawn that morning.

Our two cats had been relatively quiet and since we were at a drive through, I opened their carrier so the cats could have a stretch. I planned to buy the coffee, sit and drink it then take up my driving duties.

We ordered our coffees and pulled forward. I rolled down the window and reached for my wallet. Suddenly I had an arm full of a mad cat. Dark, our sweet boy, was attempting to jump out of the window to “get” the person who handed us our drinks.

How had he gotten from the back seat into the front seat so quickly? What the hell?

My husband said later that the cat saw the person in the drive-through window and leaped over the seat, high over my head to land in my lap. I caught and held him as he was trying to jump out the window.

Perhaps he heard me order soy milk for my skinny vanilla latte with a double shot, light sugar, skaken not stirred. As I held him back, he made those loud growling, hissing sounds. The ones cats normally make to scare you awake at night.

The Boys

We have two cats. Dark is a three-year-old neutered male Sepia Ragdoll. We got him because he did not look the way Sepia Ragdoll kittens look when born. He was dark, almost black instead of bright white.

As soon as we brought him at twelve weeks old, he started to lighten. Now he looks and feels like an expensive mink coat with dark Siamese points. My spouse says he would make a great hat. Dark is a sweet gentle boy.

Tall came to the family as a companion for Dark. He is a two-and-a-half-year-old neutered black male Munchkin with normal legs. Tall has the Munchkin curiosity, energy and mischievous attitude.