Killer Whales Are Sinking Boats Off The European Coast

No, this is not a joke

Toni Crowe
2 min readMay 27


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There is a pod, aka a group, of Orcas attacking ships off the coast of Spain and Portugal. Orcas are also known as Killer Whales. Think “Free Willy” except he hates boats. They are small to medium-sized whales with distinctive black and white markings. The average weight of a female is 6,600–8,800 lbs. The Orcas have successfully sunk three sailboats and damaged countless others.

Scientists believe an orca named White Gladis may be the instigator of the trouble between the species. They say Gladis has been teaching other killer whales to attack ships. It appears Gladis is flipping them the middle fin. It is unknown if Gladis’s ways have spread to any other pod. Yet.

Why are the killer whales behaving in this fashion? Two dominant theories exist, along with lots of baffling conspiracy theories.

Theory 1 is that the killer whales are just playing with the ships. Having a little fun ramming themselves against the ships time after time.

Theory 2 is a revenge story. A ship may have hit Gladis, and now she is hitting the ships back. She is teaching all the killer whales that she knows that ships are bad — attack them.

I personally love retribution and revenge stories. I wonder what we did to make them so mad.



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