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Medium Math: If I Pay Medium 3X More, Medium Will Pay Writers I Read 4X More

The New Medium Friend Program

Toni Crowe
4 min readNov 29, 2023

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Someone was smoking something when they devised this new compensation scheme. I need some of whatever it was to activate the kindness in my heart because I do not understand precisely what is in it for me as a writer on this platform.

I consider myself a decent person willing to help my fellow man even if it is inconvenient. I will go out of my way to fight for marginalized people. I give generously to help others. But I am also careful with my money. This new concept will triple the cost of being a member of Medium if I choose to “upgrade.”

So, once again, the Medium platform is expanding the Partner Payment program. This time, the new concept is being a Friend of Medium. What does that mean? Per the Medium Help Page:

“Become a Friend of Medium

Give 4x more to the writers you read
As a Friend of Medium, you’ll directly support the writers you read most — with more impact than a regular Medium membership. When you spend time reading member-only stories, you’ll generate four times more earnings for those writers compared to a regular membership. This revenue share is calculated in the same way as our standard Medium membership: it’s based on a combination of read and listen time, claps, highlights, replies, and follows. The difference is that it’s multiplied by a factor of four. Learn more

Support a healthy, open future for online publishing
We’re building a publishing model that rewards great writing with real money. Medium is the place where ideas are shared, communities are built, and intellectual wellness is cultivated. We don’t need to tell you about how writing online has become flawed — full of distracting ads, impersonal AI-generated content, and noisy design. We’re creating an alternative to that world: A platform singularly focused on providing the best reading and writing experience on the internet. When you become a Friend of Medium, you’re investing in this mission to create a better future for online publishing. Learn more

Share “Friend Links” to let your friends bypass the paywall
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