Vindictive Cat

My Cat Is Punishing Me

I went away for a week — now my cat is angry with me

Toni Crowe
3 min readMay 28


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For the first time in five years, I and three of my corporate friends got together. Before COVID, we would take a dream trip every two years. The last time we traveled was in 2018. I would not miss the opportunity to get together. I needed to catch up with these women who helped me be successful in corporate America. I was so excited that I did not think about how my trip would affect my cat. After all, my spouse would be home to take care of him. However, I was wrong not to consider the cat’s feelings.

My cat was not happy when I returned. He yowled at me for about three minutes, then turned his back, flipped up his tail like a flagpole, and walked away. He made a show of not asking me for anything. Taking his toys to my husband and demanding pets from him. When it was dinner time, the cat pointedly ignored me and made sure I saw him ignoring me.

At night, he walked over to where he usually slept on a pillow above my head. He then climbed up on his cat tower to stare at me as I prepared for bed. When I picked him up from the tower and put him on his pillow, he sat, licked his paw across his face two times, and leaped to the floor with his tail high in the air.

This went on for two days until, because my spouse was not home, he sat close by as my husband’s cat reminded me it was dinnertime. My cat vigorously ate the food I gave him but still did not come to sit by me on the couch. I thought, “How long can this cat stay mad?”

Well, it took one more day before I became a person worthy of attention. It took three full days and two nights before the cat was ready to deal with me again. Finally, he let me know I was worthy by bringing me a catnip banana. I guessed my penance was up.

Don’t let anyone tell you cats don’t care what you do. Oh, they care. When you mess up their schedule, cats make sure you know they do not appreciate your actions.

I am glad to be back in the good graces of my beautiful boy, even if it is only temporary. I have another trip in July. Oh, well.

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