A good time in hell tonight

My Fingernail And Toenail Colors Do Not Match, Give The People in Hell Ice Water

Is change good?

Toni Crowe
3 min readJan 31, 2023


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I’m in the spa with my niece. I have on an N95 mask. She is wearing one just for me. In her real life, she is twenty-four, healthy, and running around maskless everywhere.

We are getting the works. For her, nails, toes, facial, eyebrows, and lashes. For me, nails, toes, lashes, and eyebrows. I’m still uncomfortable with someone doing anything to me outside my house with my mask off. I have a 100% tolerance for how people treat themselves during COVID. You do you.

We sit in our chairs, getting our feet worked on when she asks me what colors I’m getting. I respond that I’m going with dark red on my fingers and toes. She is shocked!

“Auntie,” she says. “The same color on your fingers and toes is so old-fashioned. And you are choosing red?”

“What, I am out of date? I like red on my nails. It makes me feel sexy. Surprise.” I laugh.

“You should choose two colors other than red,” she says.

“You know, the same color on my fingers and toes has been working for me for many years,” I say. What I don’t say is I have been wearing matching color combos on my fingers and toes long before she was born.

“Exactly,” she replies. “And you like to choose red. Let’s try something else.”

The nail tech stopped working on me. The tech had a thousand small rings of colors for me to pick two colors from. I picked two reds in the same family but with different hues. My niece rejected both.

“No red,” she said.

I picked up the rings of color and sorted through them again. This time I picked two dark browns. The niece rejected them, as well.

“Auntie, pick something fun,” she exclaimed.

“Fun,” she says. I wouldn’t know what “fun” nail colors were if they were sitting on my lap purring. So, I asked her what she was getting. She was getting the cat eye purple on her toes and ombré blue on her nails with stones. I admitted the cat eye looked great on her toes.



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