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Since When Is Ketchup Politically Incorrect?

I was wrong, and I knew it

Toni Crowe
4 min readApr 3, 2023


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On The Road Again

I was in Cleveland, Ohio, to negotiate a new contract with the Israelis. The Israeli military are world renowned tough negotiators. There is always a deal to be had, but they make you work for it. We were trying to get a deal with them for aircraft maintenance parts for two years. If we got the two-year contract, next, we would negotiate a possible 10-year maintenance services deal with them.

We were staying in a luxury hotel in downtown Cleveland. My room was a suite that included two bedrooms and a conference room. We needed privacy to set our negotiation strategy each morning and evening. We did not want to use public hotel conference rooms. Our team would meet in my room early mornings and late evenings. We discussed the day’s events, what we learned, and what we wanted to accomplish the next day.

The night before this incident, we had a bad day. They had accused me, personally, of speaking Hebrew because I read their body language clearly and knew that they were bluffing. It took us two hours to convince them I did not understand the sidebar conversations they were having in Hebrew. I read their body language and knew the contract clause change they were demanding was not an actual deal breaker.

Breakfast Fun

After we set our strategy, we had 60 minutes left before negotiations resumed. We had breakfast downstairs in the hotel restaurant. Everyone was dressed in business attire.

I was in a dark blue business suit with my cute little matching business shoes and my diamond earrings. My hair was pulled back in a tight little bun, and minimal makeup. My goal was to be the image of an attractive, intelligent business leader.

We sat down at a group of tables and ordered. I got a t-bone steak and requested scrambled eggs with onions and peppers. The restaurant did not normally put grilled onions and peppers in their eggs, but hey, the luxury restaurant was more than willing to meet my request. I also had coffee, orange juice, and chocolate milk. A nice breakfast, if you ask me.



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