Supercharge Your Relationships with Medium

Toni Crowe
4 min readMar 3, 2019

Articles published by Medium contributors illustrate every facet of “The Human Condition.” Their experiences help others with the daily struggles of life in its unending variations. The articles are lighting in a bottle.

A number of my family and friends experienced difficulties where I was able to help them using Medium. Each time our relationship was better after the interaction.


I was struggling with how to help a friend through a personal crisis. She has not been herself in months. Her normal confidence was shredded. She told me she was slapped down and unable to get up. Her behavior was classic depression.

I went on Medium and searched for other people that have faced situations like hers. I found a few articles. Some postings do not end well but all of them were examples of others struggling with depression. As I was finishing my first search, it occurred to me what I was doing. I was using Medium as a resource for something other than publishing and writing.

Thinking back over the last seven months, I remember using Medium multiple times to assist me with tough issues.

Bad Business Deals

One of my cousins previously entered a bad business deal. He felt he had made a series of bad decisions and should have seen it coming. Now, it’s time to try again. He is defensive about his new business.

There are several articles about choosing a business partner and how to recover when you have chosen badly. There are also articles about bad (and good) business breakups. I handed him my business card with a few of the articles on the back as recommendations. This approach caused no problems between us. I wasn’t offering advice; I was offering resources; on my business card, like the businesswoman I am.

Weight Gain

One of my college buddies is overweight. She is obese. She weighs over four hundred pounds. Her weight was a shock to her as she knew she gained weight but did not understand how much she had gained.

I wanted to offer my opinion about her situation but as a person who lost one hundred- and eight-pounds years ago, I did not know how to approach her without endangering our friendship.

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