The professor stood directly in front of me and said, “She won’t be here long.” The old white male didn’t give a shit as he humiliated me. Per him, women and minorities couldn’t pass Physics. I’m both. His class, Physics 101, was legendary…hundreds of eager first-year Engineering students would attempt his required class. No Physics, no degree.

This professor crushed students. The material was already hard as it required the suspension of common knowledge, had killer homework and twice-weekly quizzes to make it even more fun. By the drop date, his class would at 50%: by the midterm test, another 25% gone, by final only 15% remained. Poof. He expected me to respond to his cruelness; he expected me to fail. His expectations were wrong. I didn’t flinch that day. I finally smiled at him when I took his final on the last day of class.

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