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The Racists Are Up in Arms Over the Black Ariel in the Disney Little Mermaid Remake

The Black elves and dwarfs made them mad, but now they are going bat sh*t crazy

Toni Crowe
5 min readSep 13, 2022


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“The ultimate measure of a person is not where one stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where one stands in times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Magical Creatures Are Not Black

It is amazing to me that some white people have decided certain creatures and people cannot be Black. The discussion started with the House of the Dragon HBOMAX premiere. One of the influential persons on the show is Lord Corlys Velaryon, the shipmaster. The Lord is portrayed as a strong dark-skinned Black man with blond hair married to the Targaryen woman who should have been Queen. Laenor Velaryon, his white-blond Black son, became the first black person to ride a dragon in the series. The dragon-riding scene caused several racist migraines that evening.

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The complaining about the House of the Dragon Black characters remains loud and vicious. People sent death threats to the actor playing the fantasy character. You can believe that there was a family — the Targaryens — that genetically bonded with dragons who could smell their DNA to determine whom the dragons would and would not obey, but you can not believe that there were Black people in that same world. Ok, then.

Black Elves and Dwarfs, Oh My!

Then the Lord of the Rings episodic series premiered on Amazon Prime as a Prime original. Whoops, here we are on the racist rollercoaster of logic yet again. This time there are several Black people in the story, but the ones causing the racists the most trouble are a male Black Silvan elf, Arondir, and dwarven princess Disa, a Black female dwarf. The elf is a problem for white supremacists because not only is he a main character; he is a hero. We all know that only white people can play the hero role in these classic fairy tales. Wink, wink.



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